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Alarm Systems

Jolly Security Systems, Inc. provides the most modern and dependable security alarm systems on the market. We understand that your family is the most important thing to you, and our technicians are experts in installing and servicing alarm systems to protect your family and your home.


Our technicians will survey your home to find all possible entry points and design a system that will provide maximum security. We look beyond obvious entry points and utilize various sensors such as glass break sensors and motion detectors to protect against all forms of intrusion. We can even install panic buttons throughout your home that can be manually triggered even if your system is disarmed.

Landline and Cellular Connections

More and more households are dropping landlines in favor of cellular or VOIP phones. Our systems can be configured to utilize either landlines or cellular signals to ensure that you are connected to our monitoring station at all times.


We provide 24/7 home security monitoring. If your alarm is triggered, our monitoring station is ready to respond day and night. While your alarm system will give audible and visual alerts at your home, we ensure that first responders are on there way in the event of an intrusion.


It is important to keep your system working the way it was intended. From replacing batteries on wireless sensors to troubleshooting false alarms, our technicians are available to service your alarm system whether we installed it or not.

Home & Business Services

  • Fire and Alarm Systems
  • Landline/Cellular Monitoring
  • Security Gates
  • Camera Systems
  • DVR and Live Feed
  • Access Control