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Fire Alarm Systems

A fire can destroy your business in a matter of minutes. Fires in commercial locations are caused by a variety of issues including faulty wiring, employee neglect, and malfunctioning equipment.

We offer complete fire alarm systems for business of all sizes.. From automatic detection systems to manual pull stations, our systems warn occupants through a series of sirens and strobe lights, as well as notify first-responders through our 24/7 monitoring service.


Jolly Security, Inc provides high quality installation with our team of professional technicians. A well-designed system is only as good as its installation, and we take the extra steps to ensure that each system is installed to the system standards and in compliance with all building and fire codes.


We provide 24/7 fire alarm monitoring. If your fire alarm is triggered manually or by our automated systems, our monitoring center will quickly notify the proper authorities.


To ensure your system is working properly and to remain code compliant, our technicians will perform thorough inspections of your fire alarm system installed by us or by a third-party. Our goal is to not only keep your business code compliant, but to keep your employees, customers, and property safe.


Whether an issue if found during a routine inspection or you have concerns with your system, our technicians can diagnose, repair, and maintain your system. We service and maintain systems installed by us and third-parties. You can trust us to keep your system performing at its best.

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