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Commercial Camera Systems

Jolly Security Systems, Inc can install a state-of-the-art video surveillance system to bring even more security to your business. In addition to traditional security systems, our camera systems operate 24/7 to provide you with the tools you need to minimize theft from both internal and external threats.

A commercial camera surveillance system will allow you to:

  • Monitor your business inside and outside
  • Provide evidence in case of a break-in, robbery, or other illegal activities
  • Keep an eye on employees to ensure all protocols and procedures are being followed
  • Monitor cash registers
  • Deter theft with visible cameras

Jolly Security Systems, Inc. can professionally install your camera system and integrate it with your alarm security system to provide maximum security and help you protect your business. We have a wide-range of options and we can work with you to provide a system to covers your exact security camera needs.

Home & Business Services

  • Fire and Alarm Systems
  • Landline/Cellular Monitoring
  • Security Gates
  • Camera Systems
  • DVR and Live Feed
  • Access Control